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Maria Huellas, RMT

Maria Huellas, RMT


Maria recently graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy on the Dean's list and has a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene Sciences from the University of British Columbia.

She likes to spend time at the gym, going for hikes, and hanging out with her 2 dogs (Rome & Popcorn). Maria has been managing Remedy since it opened in 2017 and is excited to play a more hands-on role.

Maria incorporates Swedish massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point therapy, and deep relaxation techniques into her treatments.

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Rico Erang, RMT


Ricky (Rico) Erang, graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy  in 2007. His helps people create a healthy balance in their lives either by relieving physical pain, stress or simply by a relaxation massage.

He educates his patients to adopt self-care, into their daily lives and to progressively reach a point of living pain-free. He likes to incorporate relaxation massage in with myofascial release, deep tissue work and trigger point therapy. He also provides prenatal/postnatal massage as well as sport massage modalities for those who are into fitness, sports and bodybuilding.

Rico enjoys the challenges faced when working with those who experience chronic pain, specifically in the neck, shoulders, hips, and those who sufer from TMJ-related pain, headaches, and impingement syndromes. He has treated numerous patients from a wide range of ages from infant babies, teenagers, adults and senior citizens including geriatric patients and those with various disabilities.

He customizes each of his massage treatments to fit your specific individual needs.

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Rico Erang, RMT
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Ai Roth, RMT


Ai graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and began practicing in 2013. In a nutshell, she is a motivated and empathetic therapist with a passion for helping others. Raised on Vancouver Island, she has always been enthusiastic about becoming a health care professional. As a runner and triathlete, she was fascinated by the effectiveness of massage as it helped with her athletic performance and reduced any aches and pains after long hours of training. As a therapist, she has found massage therapy very rewarding and challenging; at every appointment, she draws on her clinical knowledge to provide directed, compassionate care that treats the body and relaxes the mind.

She is excited and committed to helping her patients achieve their health care goals through manual treatments as well as exercise programs, patient education and preventative care. When not in the clinic, Ai can be found enjoying the outdoors hiking, running, laughing and traveling the world with her family.

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Daniel (Pak Ko) Ng


Daniel recently graduated from the Registered Massage Therapy program at Langara College in 2019. Prior to becoming a Massage Therapist, Daniel worked as a Rehabilitation Assistant at Surrey Memorial Hospital, along side with Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, to help rehabilitate patients suffering from cognitive and motor incapabilities. While working as a Rehabilitation Assistant, Daniel gained a vast range of experiences working with patients in the ICU, emergency, orthopedic/surgical, cardiac care, and acute care units. Daniel further continued his education and pursued for Massage Therapy where he gained experience treating clients using a variety of massage modalities.

Outside of the clinic, Daniel enjoys playing badminton, photography, and playing the drums.

Daniel is fluent in English and Cantonese.

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Daniel (Pak Ko) Ng
Joshua Yeung, RMT

Joshua Yeung, RMT


Joshua is a graduate of Langara College and has a keen interest in health and wellness as a result of his background in weight training and physical fitness. Joshua has a passion for the anatomy and physiology of the human body, which led him to pursue a career as a Registered Massage Therapist.

During his education and training, Joshua has worked with a broad cross-section of patients, spanning a wide variety of ages and athletic levels, including long-distance runners, rock climbers and dancers. Massage therapy allows Joshua to treat and educate his patients about their wellbeing and create stronger habits in order to maintain health outside of the treatment room.

Joshua has clinical experience treating a number of conditions, such as sports injuries, low back pain, shoulder dysfunction and postural syndrome. By utilizing a variety of techniques and formulating effective treatment plans, Joshua can facilitate a patients active lifestyle in a pain-free way, as well as preventing further injury. Some of the techniques Joshua implements include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, joint mobilizations and active stretching to relieve pain and restore function. In addition to manual therapy, Joshua utilizes strengthening and stretching exercises to encourage patients to take a more active role in their treatment.

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Patrick Silva, RMT


Patrick is a recent graduate from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. With a technical background in Engineering, Patrick understands that the human body is the most complex and fascinating machine ever created, and the importance of the maintenance of this machine.

The switch to Massage Therapy came after the appreciation to the recovery from injuries acquired along the years. Patrick grew up in Brazil playing soccer from a young age, as well as olympic handball.

With a variety of modalities, Patrick integrates the most suitable techniques based on the patient presentation, most importantly based on the patient's main goals. He integrates myofascial release, joint mobilization, Swedish massage, stretches and trigger point release.

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Patrick Silva, RMT
Roy Chan, RMT

Roy Chan, RMT


Roy Chan, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), graduated from the Vancouver Career College in Burnaby, British Columbia. He has over 10 years of Personal Training experience where he also helped focus on common pain issues such as lower back pain and shoulder pain by providing stretching and exercise programs.

His passion is the need to help people create a healthy balance in their lives either by relieving physical pain, and stress or simply by a relaxation massage. His focus is on the prevention, rehabilitation, and maintenance of those conditions and injuries. He aims to educate his patients to adopt self-care, into their daily lives and to progressively reach a point of living pain-free.

He uses techniques including general Swedish massage, neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, various stretching techniques, and joint mobilizations to address each patient’s needs. For the purpose of learning more knowledge about the body's function, mobility, or flexibility, he is interested in taking continuing education courses to benefit and tailor his treatment plans to his patient's needs.

Roy is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin

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Erica Wu, RMT


Erica is a recent graduate from the Vancouver Career College's Registered Massage Therapy program. Growing up, Erica always knew she wanted to work in the healthcare industry. She's always enjoyed helping care for others and found RMT to be a rewarding profession as it allows her to connect with clients one and one to help them along their road to recovery. As a therapist, she wants to ensure that you feel comfortable communicating and working along with her in order to help achieve your goals. In her treatments, she incorporates techniques such as Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations and stretching.

Prior to becoming an RMT, Erica completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from UBC. Throughout her years as a student she worked as a Pharmacy Assistant which allowed her to interact with a variety of people from all walks of life.

During her spare time, Erica enjoys trying new restaurants and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Erica is fluent in English and can speak conversational Cantonese.

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Eric Wu, RMT
Ken Nakadomari, RMT

Ken Nakadomari, RMT

Ken was born and raised in Richmond, B.C. but spent several years in Japan for his post-secondary education, majoring in East Asian studies and culture. His love for the outdoors and the vast beauty of the west coast brought him back home where he would pursue a career in healthcare. Living an active lifestyle through sports and picking up some injuries along the way, this sparked his interest in the human body and its health and well being.

Ken graduated from the 3200 hour RMT program at Langara College in 2021. He strongly believes massage therapy is a great tool to incorporate into your lifestyle to stay strong and healthy.

Outside of work, Ken is busy raising his two sons. He volunteers his time coaching their soccer teams and you will usually see them at the local parks or exploring the local trails.

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Diana Ly, RMT

Direct Billing: Pacific Blue Cross.

For all other insurance providers, an emailed receipt will be provided for you to submit to your insurance company.

Diana is a recent graduate of the Registered Massage Therapy program at Langara College. During treatment, patients can expect a variety of massage techniques which may include Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, and various forms of stretching. Whether you are coming in for relaxation, rehabilitation, general maintenance, or injury prevention, Diana looks forward to the collaboration to help you reach your health and wellness goals!

Languages: English and Teochew

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Diana Ly, Massage Therapist Student Intern
Dr. Christy Yip, Chiropractor (D.C.)

Dr. Christy Yip, Chiropractor (D.C.)


Dr. Christy Yip graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science, and obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Oregon.

Although she is petite, she has great knowledge and techniques in treating various musculoskeletal conditions. Her approach to treatment focuses on using chiropractic techniques and active rehabilitation to increase mobility through stability and strength development. She has experience working with a diverse population including prenatal women, athletes, MVA clients, and work-related injuries. She specifically chose not to have a specialization at this time as she loves the ever-changing challenges each case brings. She truly believes each person has a story to tell, and it is the practitioner's responsibility to listen and help them through the hurdles.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Christy indulging in Vancouver's food scene, but also hiking up to breath-taking mountain views.

Dr. Christy speaks fluent English and Cantonese, and conversational Mandarin.

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Dr. Kevin Lai, D.C., R.Ac., C.S.C.S.

Dr. Kevin Lai is an integrative/holistic physician. He is a B.C. Registered Doctor of Chiropractic and Registered Acupuncturist. Kevin is also a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a Personal Trainer.

Dr. Lai received his doctor degree from The University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. He worked in many prominent clinics in the Portland area, and gained an extensive amount of experience. Kevin then moved back to his hometown in Vancouver, B.C. and has been providing care to his patients since. After settling in Vancouver, he obtained his degree in Acupuncture. When he was younger, he obtained a Bachelor's degree (B.Sc Nutritional Sciences and Food Processing Sciences Double Major) from University of British Columbia. Dr. Lai believes what we eat/drink daily is tremendously important to our health.

When it comes to integrative medicine, Dr. Lai believes in the traditional belief of an all-around true holistic practitioner, where the summation of different treatments in one setting is more efective than jumping between specific practitioners for different needs. This drives him to be excellent in many areas. With Acupuncture and Nutrition he is able to treat more internal organ/diet problems. Kevin uses Chiropractic and physiotherapy modalities to heal external physical problems. Personal training and Strength and Conditioning are often incorporated after Chiropractic for better injury rehabilitation, and achievement of physical goals.

Kevin is experienced at treating various problems of the general population, senior citizens, and athletes with sports injuries. With a passion for helping others, Dr. Lai wishes to improve the longevity, health, and mood of people in the Vancouver area through his knowledge of integrative medicine.

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Dr. Kevin Lai, D.C., R.Ac., C.S.C.S.
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John Wu - Acupuncturist



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Jarren Bato, Student Intern

Jarren is currently a student at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, on track to graduate in April 2024.

He's excited to help individuals achieve their short-term and long-term holistic goals. With a background in basketball, road cycling, hiking, and previous work experience as a Care Aide, Jarren brings a varied approach dedicated to providing care specific to your unique need!

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Jarren Bato, Massage Therapist Student Intern
Shaw Arbuckle, RMT

Shaw Arbuckle, RMT

Shaw graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy on the Dean’s list and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. His interest in sport and science led him to pursue a career in the healthcare field.

He is dedicated to helping each patient achieve their goals to improve their quality of life, and encourages them to actively engage in their treatment planning. He enjoys problem solving, which is integral when treating a variety of patients of different age groups, conditions and activity levels. He uses techniques including neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, various stretching techniques, joint mobilizations and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) to address each patient’s needs.

Shaw is fluent in both English and Japanese

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