• How to Book an Online Appointment at Remedy 

    At Remedy, we want you to have an easy experience with booking your own appointments. It is the most convenient way to get an appointmet as you are able to check each individual RMT's schedule and see what works for you. Remedy uses the JaneApp software for online scheduling and have had nothing but good feedback from clients.

    However, it may not be so clear for everyone, especially first time clients.  We have provided step by step instructions to make it even easier! 

    1. Go on www.richmondremedymassage.ca and click on the "Book Online Now" green button as highlighted below.

    2. Click on Sign Up in the upper right hand corner.

    3. You can sign up using whatever medium is more convenient for you: email, phone number or your facebook, twitter or google plus accounts. Fill out the following pages to create a log in account.


    4. Click "Book an Appointment" on either corner of the page.

    5. Click on Massage Therapy on the left side bar. It will open up to a window where you can pick your appointment via treatment/services offered or if you wanted to pick a specific therapist.

    6. You will now be able to play around with the how long of a treatment you want and it will show you which available time slots can be booked for specific treatment times.

    7.  After you select a time and date, JaneApp will then ask to confirm either your email or your phone number so we are able to contact you and send you confirmation and reminder texts or emails for your future appointments. After verifying your phone number or email, a set of simple instructions will be sent. It will send you instructions on how to fill out our Patient Intake Form. If you are unable to fill it out at the time of booking or before your scheduled appointment, please arrive 5 mins early to your appointment so it can be properly filled out. 


    If you have any questions, call the clinic at 604 285 8070 or give us an email at richmondremedymassage@gmail.com



  • 5 Great Reasons to Book a Swedish Massage Today

    We can incorporate and customize Swedish massage into your treatments! Book online now with one of our registered massage therapists.



  • Massage Therapy and Whiplash

    Whiplash is a very common injury obtained from motor vehicle accidents. Whiplash is a neck sprain resulting from the sudden forces typical of a car crash. After careful assessment by your physician and approval for massage therapy treatment, careful application of massage techniques  can help individuals improve neck tension and prevent long term problems. Asides from neck pain, other symptoms of whiplash may include headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, and shoulder pain. RMTs also provide stretches and referrals to appropriate health care professionals (Physiotherapy, Chiropractor) if needed.

    Our team of Registered Massage Therapists are able to answer questions you may have in regards to ongoing ICBC claims and customized treatment to help your symptoms. In addition to massage therapy treatment, The following ICBC links also reviews rehabilitation expenses that are covered if you have been in a motor vehicle accident: http://www.icbc.com/claims/injury/Treatment-and-Injury/Pages/default.aspx


    Reference: http://www.integrativehealthcare.org/mt/archives/2008/09/a_whiplash_guid.html